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Conference! 18.05.2016 15:38

The conference on Modern problems of genetics, genomics and biotechnology was held on 18 May 2016 in the Center of genomics and bioinformatics.

Successful participation in the IX Republican fair of innovative ideas, projects, technology 13.05.2016 16:57

For successful participation at the fair, the center staff awarded a certification

IX Republican Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects 11.05.2016 14:19

In order further develop measures to stimulate the development and implementation of the results of research and innovative developments in the field of economy, as well as on implementation of Presidential decree from 15 July 2008 № PP-916 "On additional measures to...

Publication! 10.05.2016 15:33

Comparative assessment of genetic diversity in cytoplasmic and nuclear genome of upland cotton

Festival “Kamolot” 15.04.2016 15:07

The festival of the youth under the motto of “WE ARE GENERATIONS OF THE GREAT COUNTRY” was held in all regions of Uzbekistan. It was devoted to the 25th anniversary of Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Prof. Ibrokhim Abdurakhmonov, director of the CGB, and junior scientist Norov Tokhir took part in the festival.

RNA Interference – A Hallmark of Cellular Function and Gene Manipulation 09.04.2016 15:05

RNA Interference book 09.04.2016 14:55

Edited by Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov, ISBN 978-953-51-2272-2, 456 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published April 06, 2016.

IX Republic Innovation fair of ideas, technologies and projects 05.04.2016 11:04

"Structural and Functional Genomics" and "MAS" laboratories staff participate in "IX Republic Innovation fair of ideas, technologies and projects" and were awarded.

Focus on - Some new directions and priority tasks for worldwide cotton genetics, breeding, genomics and biotechnology research 05.04.2016 10:51

Modern High-Biotechnologies for Improvement of superior fibre, productive and early maturing upland cotton cultivars 05.04.2016 10:23

Congratulations! 04.04.2016 10:49

Center Genomics and Bioinformatics science staff sincerly congratulated to akademic Abduasattor Abdukarimov Abdukarimovich with his birthday

The Center celebrates Navruz! 18.03.2016 16:28

The Center celebrates Navruz!

UNESCO Science Report, Towards 2030 14.03.2016 16:12

The UNESCO Science Report: Towards 2030 had been officially launched at the UNESCO Headquarters. The Report provides more country-level information than ever before. Despite the economic crisis that hit industrialized countries in 2008...

Researchers of the Center published their article on "Frontiers in plant science" 05.02.2016 15:32

Researchers of the Center published their article on "Frontiers in plant science"
Mauricio Ulloa, John Z Yu, Richard G Percy, Sukumar Saha, Govind C Sharma, Eric J Devor, Venkateswara R Sripathi...

Seminar! 04.02.2016 15:51

Regular "Young Scientific Consul" Seminar was organized on February 4th, 2016. This time young scientists of Center discussed about "STRUCTURAL AND FUNCTIONAL INVESTIGATIONS OF PIGMENTED METABOLITES OF BACTERIA FROM... 

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