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International articles:

1. Mavlonov GT, Abdurakhmonov IY, Abdukarimov A, Kantety R, and Sharma G. 2009. The characterization of major proteins expressed in roots of four Gossypium species. J. Cot Sci. 13:256–264
2.  Devor EJ, Abdurakhmonov IY, Zlojutro M, Millis MP, Galbraith JJ, Crawford MH, Shermatov S, Buriev Z, and Abdukarimov A. 2009. Gene flow at the crossroads of humanity: mtDNA sequence diversity and Alu insertion polymorphism frequencies in Uzbekistan. The Open Genomics Journal 2:1-11.
3.  Mavlonov GT, Ubaydullaeva KA, Rakhmanov M, Abdurakhmonov IY, Abdukarimov A. 2008. Chitin-binding antifungal protein from Ficus garcia latex. Chemistry of Natural Compounds 44:216-219.
4.  Devor EJ, Huang L, Abdukarimov A, Abdurakhmonov IY(corresponding author). 2009. Methodologies for in vitro cloning of small RNAs from plant genomes. International Journal of Plant Genomics. 2008:91506.
5.  Abdurakhmonov IY, Saha S, Jenkins JN, Buriev ZT, Shermatov SE, Scheffler BE,Pepper AE, Yu JZ, Kohel RJ, Abdukarimov A. 2009. Linkage disequilibrium based association mapping of fiber quality traits in G. hirsutum L. variety germplasm. Genetica 136(3):401-17, DOI 10.1007/s10709-008-9337-8.

Local articles:

1. Makamov Ah, Abdurakhmonov IY, Buriev ZT, Shermatov SS, Abdukarimov A. 2009. Profile of small RNAs and microRNAs in developing ovules of G. hirsutum L. Reports of Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. Ташкент 3-4:99-100.
2. Bozorov TA, Abdurakhmonov IY, Buriev ZT, Abdukarimov A. 2009. Development of synthetic RNA interference constructions. Reports of Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan 1:63-65.
3. Egamberdiev SS, Abdurakhmonov IY, Abdukarimov A. 2009. DNA-barcoding of elite cotton lines and cultivars. Uzbek Biology Journal 5:51-53.