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Main research activities

Main research activities:
  • Realization of fundamental, applied and innovational investigations devoted to comprehensive analysis of genomics and genomic diversity; the study of the structure and function of valuable genes, proteins and metabolites of agricultural/medicinal important plants, microorganisms, animals and human by modern methods of genomics and bioinformatics;
  • Development of programs on modern genetic and cellular engineering, genomic and virtual selections based on molecular markers and creation of environmental and human safe pest and disease resistant new plant varieties and animal breeds on their basis adapted to different soil and climatic conditions, organization of primary seed farming and testing in different conditions, and implementation of research results into production;
  • Certification of genetically modified organisms and their products; organizing the primary feasibility test, coordination of test laboratories working on this field;
  • Structural and functional study of genomes of agricultural crops, medicinal plants, microorganisms and animals; conducting bioinformatic analysis of the functions of valuable genes having agricultural/medicinal importance;
  • Proteomic and metabolomic investigations of proteins, enzymes, primary and secondary metabolites of the various genetic pathways for the development of genetic engineering technologies;
  • Creation of novel genetic engineering and transgenomics technologies;
  • Development of modern breeding programs such as gene and cell engineering, marker-assisted and genomic selections, and virtual breeding;
  • Development of new high quality "genetically enriched" crop varieties and animal breeds that are resistant to stress factors on the basis of obtained knowledge;
  • Organization of primary field trials and seed production system for genetically engineered  or MAS cultivars and their commercialization.
  • Further expansion of international collaboration in area of genomics and bioinformatics, personnel training and constant improving their qualification with a support of educational institutions and research organizations in our Republic and foreign countries