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CGB Development plan


Future prospectives and research in the CGB.

Identification and sequencing of genes responsible for pest and disease resistance, drought and salt resistance, early maturity, fiber yield and quality will be continued in the Center. Genomic approaches will also be applied to other crops. For this purpose whole exome and transcriptome sequencing of important crops will be done using high throughput next generation sequencing platform “Roche 454 FLX that is being installed in the Center.

The results will be used for further development of novel genome technologies, such as gene pyramiding (GP), genomic selection (GS) and virtual breeding (VB), which are necessary for breeding and biotechnology programs of important crops and animal breeds. 

New genetic engineering technologies such as “Zinc-finger” and “TALEN” for site-specific genome edition will be applied for development of genetically enriched crops without introducing any alien genes or transgenic constructs. We also will extend our studies in genomics and bioinformatics, molecular biotechnology, transcriptomics and proteomics for microorganisms, plants, animals and human. Extensive field tests and further commercialization of “gene knock-out” varieties (Porloq-1, 2, 3 and 4) will be done.

The cotton “gene knock-out” technology protected by UZ-US as well as international (PCT) patent applications is under licensing procedure. The unique infrastructure with modern facilities and equipment will be kept to be developed and used for wide genomic and bioinformatics studies of microorganisms, plants, animals and humans.  To ensure competitiveness of developed approaches a specific attention will be given to increase mutually beneficial international collaborations as well as continuous trainings of young scientists’ and students in Uzbekistan and abroad centers.

The concept of development of the Center of genomics and bioinformatics up to 2025