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Department of study personalized agriculture

"Personalized agriculture" implies an integrated approach to the crops cultivation. With this approach, each agricultural crops genotype is regionalized with considering of soil-climatic conditions, temperature and water regimes requirements, fertilizers, compatibility and response to various biological and chemical stimulants. Cultivation and monitoring technologies also develop with considering all above conditions for each specific genotype.

         The introduction of the personalized agriculture concept will save resources, significantly reduce environmental pollution, significantly reduce the costs of agricultural production and the use of manual human labor, to maximize crop yields also.

So, for example, the methods and approaches of modern "omix" technologies are widely used to solve the problem of genetic diversity and determine the fitness of specific genotypes to certain soil and climatic conditions: genomics, transcritomics, proteomics and metabolomics. At the same time, using modern biotechnological approaches, as well as methods of classical, genomic and marker-associated selection, more and more diverse crops are created, combining various economically useful traits: yield and pest resistance, resistance to pests and herbicides, yield and resistance to unfavorable environmental conditions, etc.

         For clarification the degree of adaptation of genotypes to specific environmental conditions and analysis of their response to complex fertilizers, biostimulants, herbicides and pesticides use the methods of transcritomics, proteomics and metabolomics.